While accountability has been discussed and designed for implementation for schools systems in the West, what would responsibility and accountability mean for a Higher Education Institute (HEI) has been elusive. Basically, key literature in accountability connects assessment, teaching and learning, student and teacher systems, testing systems leading to improvements, innovations and renewals in the whole organizational capacity and capabilities system. These basically are the 4 sanctified mission tenets of any HEI of teaching, learning, research and societal responsibility. A key question facing most HEI would be the fundamental principles and mechanics in developing, ensuring and measuring these accountabilities that affects the students and society. The immediacy is the internal policies, processes, pragmatics and practices of the creation and delivery of “education value” that is the faculty and staff using the educational processes responsibly and accountably way towards the students’ accomplishment and achievements and societal development. Instead of focusing on the outcome of the accountability from external measures, this paper will focus on the internal practices and mechanisms that need to be established to ensure and support to internal responsibility and accountability of the HEI and its academic personnel. This paper aims at proposing a working model for this internal integrated Academic Performance and Accountability System (APAS) for a HEI. Six key internal indices are established in the key areas to course evaluations index, teaching and learning assessment learning outcome index of student, quality contributions index, research index, administrative work index, societal responsibility index. All these culminate in the Academic Performance and Accountability Index (APAI) of a scorecard of the faculty performance and accountability from the inherent internal processes that affect the final student external outcome performance.

Academic accountability, higher education, balanced scorecard approach, academic performance and evaluation

DOI: 10.52950/TE.2015.3.2.004


APA citation:
SHAWYUN TEAY (2015). Model of Integrated Academic Performance and Accountability System for HEI. International Journal of Teaching and Education, Vol. III(2), pp. 50-72. , DOI: 10.52950/TE.2015.3.2.004

Received: 11 Mar 2015
Revised: 27 Apr 2015
Accepted: 6 Jun 2015
Published: 20 Jun 2015

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