European Research Center (EURREC)


Cichnova 355/6
Brno 624 00
Czech Republic

Company Identification Number: 04655389

Registered from 12/18/2015, file Nr.: C 91124 (by Regional Court in Brno)


VAT No.: CZ 04655389 (validation in VIES)

TIN: CZ04655389

Terms & Conditions

The main goal of the EURREC is to promote research and disseminate knowledge, facilitate communication and open discussion between scholars, researchers and practitioners interested in social and economic sciences.

Papers submitted for possible presentation at meetings and for publication in the journals are subjected to a double-blind peer review process.

Papers are first reviewed by the managing editor. The editor may reject it out of hand, either because the paper doue not match the journal field of interest or because its content or language is of obvious low quality. Papers that are found suitable are sent for review.

Referees are asked to classify the paper as: acceptable for publication, acceptable with amendments and improvements, or not acceptable. The reviews are then sent back to the authors as feedback. The role of the referees is advisory.

The EURREC reserves the right to cancel the meetings in case of natural disaster, strikes, government regulations or any other unpredictable eventswhich make it impossible to hold the conference.

The EURREC reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

Invoicing VAT

EURREC is VAT payer and for the reason each invoice include VAT 21 %. Only if invoicing data of our client include also valid VAT No., invoice will be in revers charge mechanism. In this case will be VAT 0%.

Payment & Delivery Condition

We charge a submission fee for all paper submitted for publication in our journals. The submission fee is non-refundable. This fee has to be paid no later than 10 days after submission the paper.

Bank transfer

Account holder: European Research Center
Bank: Raiffeisen Bank a.s., Na Prikope Street, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
IBAN: CZ 1655 0000 0000 8710 457044
Payment mode: OUR

As reference please indicate your Surname and also payment ID (you recieve in confirmation mail).

Please note that we can not share the money transfer costs. Please use the „OUR“ mode, not the „SHA“ mode of bank fees in your payment order.

Delivery Condition

The EURREC service is only online. The EURREC reserves the right to decide about publication based on reviewers' recommendations. The peer review process takes a maximum of four months. Information about the peer review processing time are specified in detail each journal imprint.

Complaint Conditions

The peer review procedure will be initiated for each paid article within 14 days and completed no later than four months after full/paid submission. Authors can initiate a complaint procedure if they do not receive any response within 6 months after submission the paper.  

The Complaint must be sent to e-mail: It will be processed within 30 days at the latest.